Are you looking for ways to maximize all the potential space in your home while increasing the value? Do you love open concept design? Today we are looking up to the attic, and with those same ideas in mind we are sharing some amazing attic conversion ideas.

If you are thinking of the attic as only being a hot, sticky storage space full of old boxes and spider webs with no real potential, think again! If you are wondering if an attic conversion is for DIYers on a budget, we assure you it can be done.

Many people hold off converting because they’re not sure how they’d use the space. This is especially the case if you’re still getting the rest of the house in order. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of open concept design but your main living doesn’t allow for it, your attic just might.

It’s important to remember that if you do in fact plan to build a bathroom or kitchen in your attic, it may be a bit more complex than an average diy plumbing job. Consider calling in some commercial plumbing services to make sure the job gets done right the first time. No one wants leaks from their attic.

If you are wanting to add on another bedroom, the attic could be your best bet. In addition to bedrooms, here are some alternative attic conversion ideas.

An office

Have you ever wished you could dedicate a set space to a work office? Having an office in the home is useful for many different reasons. During the pandemic you may have to stay home, but you may be able to keep any business running if you have a dedicated home office or workspace. Attics make great home offices!

Adults can retreat here to concentrate on research or work deadlines, and children can do homework away from the rest of the distractions going on in the house. You even have the option of soundproofing your conversion to keep this completely removed from the rest of the house.

The attic office could also double as neat and clean storage.  We love the use of drawers under window seats. You could even go all out here, and even create a window seat which serves as a reading nook or just a spot to dream and look out into the clouds.

Teen Bedroom or Hangout

With children around the house, it’s always a good idea to have a place where they can hang out and play games with friends.  The best part about having a teen getaway in the attic is that it can stay a bit messy without cluttering up the rest of the home. Having guests over? No problem! Messes are out of sight, out of mind!

The amount of stress teens have on them these days is overwhelming, so they could also benefit from a cool space to hang out with friends. They would surely love a dedicated space to just kick back and relax.

If a sofa is too large for the space, a couple of comfortable bean bags like the ones at would be great for an attic room. And finally, you’ll want to find ways to incorporate technology. No modern teen hideout would be complete without a flat screen tv, and at least one console on the go. Investing in a shelving unit to go under it will provide storage for all their electronics, games, and game consoles.

As you can see, an attic space can be utilized in so many ways to add function and value to your home.

If you are feeling a little cramped in your current home or just want to make a big change but adding on is out of your budget, why not consider an attic conversion? It might take some time, but it could become a dream space that you will enjoy for years to come, and it is certain to give you a return on your investment. Think outside the box when dreaming over your attic conversion. And of course, give Peak Performance Construction a call. We would love to partner with you to make these amazing ideas come to life!